7 Reasons Why Regular SEO Is A Big Yes Over Periodic Optimization
By : Vinit Kumar
May 13, 2021

7 Reasons Why Regular SEO Is A Big Yes Over Periodic Optimization

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An attractive online business plan backs a solid SEO strategy, actions, best market practices, and technical knowledge. Therefore, if you’re amongst those who’re still confused over a tongue-in-cheek SEO plan by an expert or are struggling with the basics of the periodic SEO, then continue reading to know more about why Regular SEO is the need-of-the-hour and how it may help your business soar.


Difference Between Regular SEO and Periodic SEO

Regular and Periodic SEO differ mainly on how long or how often you put in work on your website. For the most part, Periodic SEO consists of optimizing your website only on an initial basis and waiting for it to provide long-term organic results, basically optimizing your website only once in a while, assuming there’s no more need for it. In contrast, Regular SEO consists of time-to-time optimization of your website. It includes getting SEO services done for your website regularly from a digital marketing agency. In this article, we’ll see the benefits of Regular SEO over Periodic SEO for your business.


  • Maintaining the Top Spot


Due to lack of regular optimization, Periodic SEO cannot guarantee a permanent top spot at the search results as tons of new content are published daily, and any link that may have the potential to garner more audience than your website can quickly bring your spot down.

Regular SEO works on time to optimize your website to make sure your website doesn’t lose the top rankings in the search result.


  • Getting Rid of Outdated Language


In a constantly changing world, people ceaselessly change the way they express things and the way they want to get exposed to new ideas. Reading through the old sentence framing methods can quickly turn them off and immediately move out of the portal. Thus, Periodic SEO fails to connect with the ideas and audiences that concern and interest the millennials and Gen Z at at-a-time. At the same time, Regular SEO can always be a helping tool for keeping up-to-date with all the modern thought processes.


  • Modern Keywords


As important as the overall language, the next most important thing is picking up specific keywords that people tend to use while typing their query on the search bar. Periodic SEO can help you initially by including keywords that will work only in correspondence to that particular time. 

While Regular SEO can keep updating the keywords to their synonyms which are most commonly used in present times. This helps drive a modern audience, alongside targeting audiences of different niches and levels. 


  • Search Engine Ranking Factors


Ranking factors for any search engine tend to keep changing constantly. The priorities of Ranking Factors like Direct website visits, keywords in title, keywords in the body, content length may change regularly. Therefore, optimizing the site according to old-time priority can escalate competition among similar niches. Thus Regular SEO works well in prioritizing Ranking factors over Periodic SEO, helping to maintain a high rank in the search results.


  • Saves Your Time


Hiring an SEO agency to optimize your site saves much time for you regularly; sit back and let professionals work on optimizing your site the best way possible. Periodic SEO requires you to invest much time in research and work on applying your site’s requirements without considering a professional algorithm.


  • Efficiency


SEO agencies have a professional team that can develop a perfect search engine optimization strategy for your website. They have a team of content writers and site technicians to make seamless changes anytime. In contrast, Periodic SEO lacks efficiency based on all the points mentioned above.


  • Safety


Regular SEO might turn out to be risky if you’re not sure what you’re doing. You can often open the doors for search spam, search penalties, and hacking without you knowing it. Perhaps, a soul reason why hiring an SEO agency like 9 Pinn Digital Media can be beneficial is because, as experts, keeping the website safe without getting work hampered becomes a primary agenda, avoiding any repercussions.

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