Tap Into The Power of Social Media to Build Your Brand and Connect With Your Customers

For businesses small to large, the importance of Social Media cannot be understated. With 3.48 billion people around the world using social media, mastering the platform can take your business to incredible levels of growth and success. And that’s exactly what has happened for 9pinn’s clients, thanks to our unrivalled Social Media and Digital Marketing team.

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What Is Social Media Marketing?

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest have become an integral part of most people’s everyday lives. A decade ago, advertising on Television or newspapers made sense because that would get you the most exposure. Well, in present times, Social Media has taken over those two mediums as the No.1 advertising avenue. A carefully constructed and implemented Social Media Campaign can help you achieve exponential growth in a short period of time. With a combination of organic posts and paid ads, you can take your brand to the next level.

Why Businesses Should Invest in Social Media Marketing?

Simply put, you need to be where your customers are. Instead of having potential customers search for you online, why not get your business right in front of them with Social Media Marketing. You can target a certain demographic based on age, gender and other factors. Doing this ensures your ads are seen by your target audience and you get the best bang for your buck.

Social media platforms are also great avenues for businesses to build a following. It’s a space where you can go beyond just advertising about your products and services and actually develop a strong bond with your customers. With consistent posts that are funny, engaging and thought provoking, you can increase your visibility and appeal to a wider audience. For instance, everytime someone likes, comments or shares your post on Facebook, they’re essentially providing you feedback on how they feel about your content. It helps you tweak and optimise your social media space to provide your audience with the most effective content in a compact package.

Get Seen by the People Who Count, Through Informed Audience Targeting

Social Media changed everything for marketing. Now, you can choose exactly who you’d like to advertise to, based on their interests, demographics, location and more. However, to fine-tune your Social Media Marketing efforts, an expert level of audience targeting is needed, which just happens to be one of 9 Pinn’s specialties. We create Social Media ads (such as through Facebook) that are far more than just throwing a big net into the ocean. We find out who your audience is, then expertly lead them down your sales funnel.

Audience Targeting

We Know the Data. What’s More, We Know How to Make Social Media Ads that Get Results

Audience targeting is just one stage of Social Media Marketing. Next, is to create ads and content that effectively result in leads and conversions. Keeping up with the latest and greatest techniques and trends, our content and marketing team consistently provide Social Media ads that are optimised for your business, its industry and its audience.

Branding Is Everything for a Business. Through Social Media Marketing, We’ll Elevate Your Brand to New Heights

Our job at 9pinn is to show the world your business’s best self, helping to shape a brand that aligns with your vision, ideals and goals. Often, a business’s Social Media is the first port of call for its audience and is a fantastic opportunity to make a first (and on-going) impression on them with your brand. Our Social Media team will ensure your brand is crafted to perfection across all relevant platforms.

Elevate Brand Through Social Media Marketing

Connect with Your Audience Through Engaging Social Media Management

Social Media is the most direct way a business can connect with their audience on a regular basis. Studies have found that customers are likely to follow the social media page of a brand or business that they enjoy. Through regular engagement, your audience is far more likely to lead to conversions, as well as long-term customers.

9pinn provides expert management of social media accounts which includes responses to comments and queries. This conveys that your business is made up of real people who are willing to engage with their audience, and thus help to lead customers down your sales funnel.

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